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Firstly, welcome to the community. The two maintainers/moderators are liljaxie and alwaysaa. Any questions or concerns may be directed at them, rather than posting in the community.

Briefly, ljcomedy is a community aimed at providing comedic entertainment. Feel free to post jokes, rants, photo manipulations, or anything else you deem remotely funny. You may also nominate any LJ users journal/bio/etc that you find amusing.

We will be picking winners in two seperate catergories --

Once a month: The first category is based on posts in this community. It may be anything - rants, jokes, photo manipulations (or anything else mentioned above and more.) The two maintainers will pick the winner based on community members VOTES. Meaning, if you find something in here that is absolutely hilarious, comment and let them know! Give credit where it is due! The person that wins in this category will be given a free LJ code that they can do with as they wish. I know it's not much, but hey - it's a prize.

Twice a month: The second category is where community members nominate any LJ user for "funniest all around journal." Community members are also requested to vote here, too. Winners for this will be annouced once a month, as well. Please link us to something SPECIFIC you find funny (a select post, a bio, etc.) Linking us to a livejournal with a funny post 65 entries back may get you no votes at all. :)


1. First and foremost - be nice to each other! You may find a few things (or a lot of things) in here that you just find HORRIBLY UNAMUSING. That's fine - keep it to yourself, unless it is honest and helpful critisicm.
2. Content - I don't care if it's graphically sexually, disgustingly politically incorrect, or whatever. That's fine, keep it coming. I just don't want to see anything that is blantantly insulting of race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Failure to follow this rule may get you banned from the community.
3. Originality: Everything in here must be YOURS or USED WITH PERMISSION.
4. You may post as much as you wish, as long as it isn't the same things over and over again. :) You are also permitted to nominate any number of funny LJ journals each month.