73rdVirgin (73rdvirgin) wrote in ljcomedy,

No Shit, Einstien...

I think that Einstein was a big pothead, just because of the stuff he came up with, the fact that there was scientific evidence behind it was a complete coincidence. (holding a joint) I think (inhale) that as you speed up...(inhale) time, man, it slows down, man (inhale).

Some people might get it... Some people might need to pay a little bit more attention in Science Class, yea, I know It's hard. The only reason I was paying attention was my Science teacher did not wear a bra and I guess some knowledge seeped through my hard skull. Which wasn't the only thing that was har-...alright, I'll shut up.

If that made you laugh, chuckle, think, wonder, or giggle like a school girl and you liked it... Go Here:
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